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I experienced Turkey Fryer Lobster Cooking for the first time in 2013, in Birmingham, Alabama.

One of our most enthusiastic customers wanted to host a Lobster Potluck “Chip-In” Party in her back yard for 36 guests. I was very happy to hear that. And her mellifluous Alabama voice. But 36 guests even for a Lobster Potluck can get complicated. I offered to fly down to Birmingham to help her and her husband cook.

She said, “Oh, you don’t have to do that darlin’. Shawn’ll be doin’ the cookin’. But you come on down. Dave an’ I’ll introduce you and your wonderful company to all our friends.” Between that voice, the compliment, and the prospect of potential new customers, I bought my tickets and flew to Birmingham for the weekend.

Turns out Shawn was not a catering chef, but the husband of our customer’s best friend. Shawn’s a banker who loves food. As soon as I arrived, he invited me to help him with the dinner. Turkey Fryer Lobster Cooking was new for Shawn, he warned me.  He cooked other crustaceans for years in a turkey fryer and figured Maine lobsters would be just as easy.

Shawn didn’t need much help. But, it was fun to help him open the back of his Volvo station wagon and unload two turkey fryers and two gas tanks. “Little one’s for the potatoes,” he said; “big one’s for your lobsters from heaven.” Soon the guests arrived and the back yard was full of expectations and laughter. Shawn filled the tank with water, added a cup of salt, and torqued up the burner.

I’d never seen anything like it. He submerged a basket of 12 lobsters into a rolling boil. He did that three times. And in 20 minutes he had 36 guests cracking shells and sharing stories around six tables in the back yard.

And they were perfectly cooked. Shawn pulled the baskets out of the water a little sooner than I thought he should; but, by the time they got to our plates, and we put on our bibs, and toasted our hosts, those lobsters were succulent and unforgettable.

And my customer and her husband were true to their word about introducing me and lobster.com to all their friends. And those friends told other friends.  Today, we have over 20 families from greater Birmingham as customers. I might add those families come from neighborhoods all across the city. It’s a great joy.

All thanks to my good customers talking up our company and Shawn showing me all about Turkey Fryer Lobster Cooking. Thank you, all.