Preparing Shucked Lobster Tails

Shucked Lobster Tails from Shell

Maine Lobster Tail / shucked from the shell

Typically, Shucked Lobster Tails are prepared to be baked, broiled, roasted, or grilled — all the Dry-Heat Cooking Methods. So, all those cooking methods offer chefs a lot of options, both inside on most conventional kitchen stoves and outside on most back yard grills. Also, these shucked tails are well-suited when chefs want to cook the tails in quantities from just a few to many. They can be prepared in advance and stored in the refrigerator for up to six or so hours before an event. And, they cook up quickly, offering much visual drama for hovering guests.

Best of all, shucked lobster tails meat is easy to marinade in advance. When cooking with Dry-Heat Cooing Methods, it is important to marinade so the meat will not dry out.  And, when looking for the easiest of preparations for guests of all ages to enjoy at the dining table, shucked lobster tails are our preference.

How to prepare Shucked Lobster Tails

With your fingers or, say, a wooden spoon handle, push the meat out from the tail end to the wider end. If the meat doesn’t easily push out, cut the under-shell down the center with scissors and loosen the meat before returning to push out from the tail end.

Once out of the shell, skewer the meat no matter what marinade or cooking method you choose. You will want the shucked meat to lay flat. Both wooden or metal skewers work equally well.

Bon appétit !