Lobster Business Gifts
get the job done.

(You pay IF / WHEN your gift is redeemed.)


Lobster Business Gifts are good messengers.
They butter up channels of co-operation. They close loops.
“Good job.” “Appreciate your help.” “Thanks for the order!”
But, if a business gift is not redeemed, the purchase
cost could be wasted. That’s not so good.


Lobster Business Gifts get redeemed.
They deliver maximum appreciation. Get the job done.
Best of all for you, if they do not get redeemed,
for any reason, they don’t cost you a cent.
(You pay IF / WHEN your gift is redeemed.)


Try Lobster Business Gifts:

1. Choose what combination of lobsters to give
2. Call us: 800 – 949 – 1944 . . . we do the rest.

  • WE PRINT YOUR LOGO, image or photo on gift cover — no charge
  • We print your message on gift inside — no charge
  • We mail gifts to you FOR YOUR DISTRIBUTION — no charge
  • We tell you who redeemed, on what date, shipped where
  • RECIPIENTS EAT LOBSTER; tell stories; wear bibs; have a blast.


lobster business gifts get the job done

Lobster.COM Executive Business Gifts

Minimum number of cards per order is five.
Maximum number of cards per order is 50.
Set-up and handling charge is $ 5.00 per card.