Preparing Fan Cut Lobster Tails

Fan Cut Lobster Tails on their back

Maine Lobster Tails  / Fan Cut and dressed for cooking

Fan Cut Lobster Tails, traditionally, are baked, broiled, or roasted — all the Dry-Heat Cooking Methods that are available with most conventional kitchen stoves and in quantities from one to twelve quite simply. They can be prepared in advance and stored in the refrigerator for up to six or so hours before an event. And, they cook up quickly.

Best of all, Fan Cut Lobster Tails retain their natural juices and remain soaking in your marinade.

Fan Cut Lobster Tails are the easiest of all cooking methods to prepare. The open access to the meat allows a chef, to quickly marinate in advance and when cooking easily baste and monitor, so overcooking is common. Also, Fan Cut Lobster Tails are popular with guests because they still resemble the classic looks of the lobster tail meat. And, it is one of the easiest cooking methods from which all guests — young and old — can extract the meat and enjoy at the table..

How to prepare Fan Cut Lobster Tails

Turn the lobster tail on its back. You’ll see the under-shell is protected by a much thinner, flat, and flexible membrane shell compared to the domed hard back-shell. With a kitchen scissors, cut lengthwise from the big end to the fan-tail through the thin under-shell at both edges where it connects to the thick back-shell. Once cut, pull the under-shell up and snip it free where it connects to the tail-fan. Leave the tail-fan in place. Loosen the tail meat from inside the back-shell. The lobster meat will look as if nestled in a boat.

Insert lengthwise, from beneath the fan-tail to the big end, wooden or metal skewers, if you have them, to help keep the lobster meat flat as it cooks. After the cooking is over, remove the skewer. The meat will remain flat and easy to serve on a guest’s plate.

Bon appétit !