June Lobster Delivery Dates

Lobster delivery in June


for JUNE:

(It’s National Safety Month, too.)

Premo dates for June lobster parties!

    • JUNE  14  ::  Flag Day
    • JUNE  18  ::  FATHER’S DAY
    • JUNE  21  ::  Summer Solstice

Check our calendars for lobster delivery dates, and click here for shipping advice.
Dates in RED are Saturdays, for which FedEx adds an extra surcharge, assuming they deliver to your zip code. Some zip codes get no Saturday deliveries. Give us a call (800-949-1944) if you are not sure FedEx delivers to your address on Saturdays.

• Dates in BLUE are normal delivery dates. When you order or call us by noon you can get delivery as early as the next day. You can schedule for next week, or next month, too.

• Dates in GRAY are, of course, dates FedEx does not deliver our priority over-night packages.

Lobster Delivery: Much about entertaining at home with fresh Maine lobster has to do with “just-in-time” delivery. So, the color coded planning calendar above can be helpful when considering your event schedules.

This month you may want to host a lobster party on a Sunday or a Monday.
If you are considering either of those Event Days, maximize your lobster delivery options by checking the information ★ on Blanching Lobster.

Lobster Delivery Details: You receive tracking number when we pack and label your packages on the afternoon before the delivery date you requested. Included is an estimated time of arrival for your package. That’s handy to know.

Also, we send you a “delivery made” eMail the minute your package arrives at its destination. This is handy when you send a box of lobsters to your home address and you are at work. Or, if you send lobster as a gift to friends or family members, you’ll always know when they received your unforgettable gift. That’s cool to know.