Preparing Butterfly Lobster Tails

Butterfly Lobster Tails

Maine Lobster Tail dressed for Butterfly

Typically, Butterfly Lobster Tails are baked, broiled, roasted, or grilled — all the Dry-Heat Cooking Methods. So, that offers a lot of flexibility, from most conventional kitchen stoves to the back yard grill. Both venues are perfectly well-suited to prepare butterfly lobster tails in quantities from one to twelve or more. They can be prepared in advance and stored in the refrigerator for up to six or so hours before an event. And, they cook up quickly and with much anticipation from hovering guests.

Best of all, butterfly lobster tails retain their juices yet absorb your marinade. The meat is easy to marinade in advance. Butterfly lobster tails can be a little complicated for guests at the dining table. In the kitchen, before serving, it’s sometimes a good idea to further spread open the upper-shell to provide easier access to the tail meat when served.

How to prepare Butterfly Lobster Tails

With kitchen scissors, cut down the center of the upper-shell from the big end to where it meets the tail fan. Leave the fan-tail and under-shell attached.  With fingers, pull apart the shell-halves a little bit. You will be able to see the lobster tail meat better. This allows the tail meat to absorb the very complementary smoky tastes from grilling, roasting, or broiling, or even baking. Butterfly lobster tails make it easy to marinade in advance, baste while cooking, and monitor as it peeks out turning golden.

Insert lengthwise from beneath the fan-tail to the big end wooden or metal skewers, if you have them, to help keep the lobster meat flat as it cooks. After the cooking is over, remove the skewer.  The meat will remain flat and easy to serve on a guest’s plate.

Bon appétit !